2020-10-04 timmy

waaaaw i love also zaccaria i have a spooky ant a farfalla
i am searching for parts i need the flipper cranck for 2 left ant 2 right flippers units

hope to hear from you
GR timmy

2017-09-20 Ernest from Luxembourg
Hey nice too meet you , i have a lot off problems wiht a Locomotion
i by tis Pinball 3 days ago

2017-04-20 Most excellent
I have been playing the iPad simulation for quite some time and hands-down quite a few of these are my favorite pinball games ever . I consider this era of pinball to be the golden era and prefer this design approach above all other periods .I\\\'m am not sure if I\\\'ve ever played a actual Zaccaria game… as I\\\'ve been playing for +50 years and played every game I could find I suspect I have.. I just don\\\'t distinctly recall one. My only complaint is the stupid iPhone updates have made the app buggy .. often times the left flipper will stick in the upright and I have to restart- very frustrating if you have a good game going . All praise to Zaccaria !

2017-02-27 David
I really enjoy your site.

2016-03-26 Han Biesma
I became a Horror a conversine kit from ZZZ
I need the data from the eprom
How can help me
Greating Han Biesma

2014-10-08 bully
i got a zaccaria fire mountain how many i can buy it ??

2014-08-15 Eli
What is the differce between arcade and simulation? I cannot fine help section in the app.

2014-05-25 Eduardo Chaves
Beautifull collection, congratulations. By the way, I like the simulation for iPad very much.

2014-02-23 Ryder
Good simulation for ipad.

Even though I have the latest generation ipad, there is one problem which is that the flipper does not act instantly, making play difficult and unrealistic for the player. If this is improved, the simulation would become a favorite.

Best regards

2013-12-24 John Royer
Thank you for bringing such fantastic pinball simulation games to the iPad, I have truly enjoyed every game that you all have put out. I just downloaded the update to the Zaccaria, and I love the two new pinball tables that ere just added. I have noticed though a glitch on the Earth Wind and Fire table when the ball go down the far right return near the flippers. The gets stuck and the only thing I can do is start over. Please note I have truly enjoyed this pinball collection and eagerly await each new release. Thank You

2013-09-28 Italia1982
Found your Link in the pinball champ app which is great too.

2011-07-16 Frank Gigliotti
Congrats on getting them all working Laszlo! This is the finest zac collection ANYWHERE!

2008-12-14 Renaud
very good site.
i ll buy a power board for earth wind and fire.
help me

many thanks

2008-11-21 Mads
Your site is very informative and nice! Thank you for all the help you have given me with my Magic Castle, you are the reason why it works!

2008-10-08 francmuz
Great site, great collection of zaccaria machines and great passion.